Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud: Putting Generosity into Action

4 min readDec 19, 2022


Salesforce, the number 1 CRM platform in the world, has historically maintained a strong philanthropic policy. Since its inception, it laid the foundations that would guide its actions to adequately contribute to causes and non-profit organizations that need it. His 1–1–1 strategy serves this purpose. It offers: 1% of its capital, 1% of its products and 1% of its employees’ time to causes and organizations that deeply move them.

Under this logic, Salesforce created another vertical solution in the cloud, aimed exclusively at the collaborative philanthropy sector: Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud. How does this solution work? How to integrate it with your company? What benefits does it bring? Well, answering these and other questions is our goal in this article.

What is Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud?

Philanthropic Cloud is a Salesforce solution aimed at connecting businesses and employees with causes and nonprofits. Thus, organizations and employees are involved in philanthropic actions from the same platform.

Along with Education Cloud and Nonprofit Cloud, Philanthropy Cloud is one of three cloud solutions born under (now merged into Salesforce). This Salesforce product was founded in 2008 to serve non-profit causes and organizations. Philanthropy Cloud is a joint venture between and United Way, a pioneer in corporate philanthropy with more than 130 years in the industry. In this way, Salesforce and United Way have partnered to reimagine the future of giving and corporate philanthropy. For example, as a strategy during the Covid-19 pandemic, and United Way offered to companies in the United States free access to Philanthropy Cloud.

What is Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud for?

The Philanthropic cloud is a platform that allows you to learn about trends and actions that impact society, support and join campaigns that pursue a specific purpose; as well as identify non-profit organizations or projects with which to affiliate and collaborate. The platform makes it possible for any interested person to more easily manage their philanthropic efforts.

People sometimes wish to help others, to support causes, to contribute to the achievement of a noble goal. These philanthropic actions will contribute to generating the positive changes that are desired in the communities and the society as a whole, the Philanthropic Cloud aids in making it possible. This platform is beneficial both for the citizens who receive these donations and for the companies that grant them. On one hand, nonprofit organizations can take advantage of it to expand their volunteers and donors. On the other hand, companies can mobilize their workforce in actions of this nature and promote philanthropic culture in all areas. Likewise, both the company and its staff will grow personally and spiritually.

Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud Features

This cloud offers users a platform where the necessary elements needed for their philanthropic actions are integrated. A dashboard shows the employees their donations in monetary and frequency terms, as well as volunteer hours; also, the general contributions made by their company. When the employee logs new donations or completes volunteer hours, a real-time impact update is displayed. At the same time, you can search for new campaigns or causes to join, thanks to the fact that the platform works with some of the largest databases in the world for non-profit organizations and groups like: GuideStar, FrontStream and Canada Revenue Agency. Currently, Philanthropy Cloud connects more than 1.5 million US and Canadian nonprofit organizations.

Philanthropic Cloud is equipped with tools for the organization such as: personalization, knowledge, management, monitoring and evaluation of the social impact of the actions carried out. It allows the user to manage the frequency and amount of their donations, as well as schedule their time with volunteer hours. Also, the platform has an artificial intelligence layer through Einstein from Salesforce. This allows you to create profiles and generate personalized recommendations based on the interests and characteristics of the user and their interactions with the platform.

Who uses Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud?

Philanthropic Cloud is ideal for companies that want to incentivize or enhance a philanthropic business culture. It is suitable for all types of businesses in the United States and Canada, regardless of size.

Benefits of Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud

There are many advantages provided by Philanthropic Cloud. Some of them are:

  • Promotes a philanthropic culture and involves the company’s workers, increasing their level of contributions by 20%.
  • Manages and administers business grants.
  • Promotes social impact projects. Perhaps a single person or a company cannot do much; but thousands of companies and millions of people have the strength not only to improve society, but the world in general. It also improves us as human beings. That big picture is what Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud promotes.
  • Speeds up the creation and implementation of projects of this nature. Using it, a campaign can be created and deployed in less than a day.
  • Encourages volunteering, collaboration and commitment in employees.
  • Facilitates remote work by creating profiles on a connected platform. This way volunteers can access their information from anywhere.
  • Enjoy the benefits associated with anchoring the GuideStar database. For example, GuideStar received tax-free certification in 1996. As a result, companies can enjoy a more lenient tax policy.

Salesforce Philanthropic Cloud came to integrate the philanthropic efforts of companies and their workers into a single system. It serves as a network to connect them with those causes with which they resonate and mobilizes them to act; all on the same platform. Would you like to learn more about this cloud service? The SkyPlanner team can provide you, in addition to the necessary technical guidance, the vast experience in philanthropic practice accumulated over the years. You can write to us at




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