Salesforce Internet of Things Services

Salesforce IoT Cloud

From reactive and preventive to proactive and predictive

How to Leverage Salesforce IoT Cloud Services in Your Business

  • Tracking of devices, machinery, and vehicles
  • Sending commands and instructions to devices
  • Supervision and monitoring of the useful life of the equipment
  • Expanded context of the use of business products
  • Optimization of business operations
  • Making more accurate business decisions
  • Personalization of products and services
  • New and profitable usage models for products and services
  • Discovery of the most successful business models
  • Storage and comparison of data on the real state of a device
  • Advanced alerts on the deviation of your optical parameters from a device
  • Track device performance metrics
  • Troubleshooting equipment remotely
  • Identification of usage patterns that most frequently damage equipment
  • Notification to users about actions that negatively impact a team
  • Save time for the support team




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