MuleSoft, the Integration Platform You Need

What is MuleSoft?

How does MuleSoft connect applications, data and devices?

Let’s know a little about MuleSoft products

Anypoint Platform

  • Anypoint Design Center: It allows developers to define and design the API specifications that will be needed for integration, prior to implementation.
  • Anypoint Runtime Manager: The Anypoint Platform interface that provides a unified view of your applications, servers and APIs. Thanks to the Runtime Manager, from a central location, regardless of the environment they are in, you can deploy, manage and monitor your Mule applications whether they have been deployed in the cloud or locally.
  • Anypoint Management Center: This component is the center of operations and will allow you to manage, monitor, audit and analyze the performance of the APIs, as well as apply basic authentication policies on a Mule application.
  • Anypoint Security: With a layered approach, through the control access to APIs, the application of security policies and proxying all inbound or outbound traffic; Anypoint Security takes care of protecting your data from external threats and attacks.
  • Anypoint Exchange: The prebuilt asset marketplace of the MuleSoft ecosystem. In it you can find a great variety of connectors, templates, examples and APIs that you can incorporate into your applications. If you want to save time, this is the first place you should turn to to find what you need. Anypoint Exchange allows you to save, share, and reuse development using best practices. You can also view, test APIs and simulate data for APIs with Mocking Service.

MuleSoft Composer

Why use MuleSoft?

  • It allows you to access and integrate data from multiple systems, quickly and regardless of the technology used.
  • It helps you achieve your innovation goals either through clicks or code, bringing together your company’s IT and LoB workforces.
  • The use of APIs allows you great scalability, you can grow whenever you need to, either by adapting the API you use or developing a new one.
  • It’s flexible and versatile, designed to withstand and adapt quickly to big changes.
  • It offers support for more standards, formats, and protocols than any other open source ESB.
  • It offers you access to a large market with pre-build assets, connectors, etc. where finding what you need is easy and will save you time and effort.
  • It can increase productivity, due to improvements and optimization in the execution of innovation projects.
  • It puts at your disposal a development platform that offers you security and governance at all levels of the API life cycle.
  • It is easy to implement and use.



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