Creating Reports in Salesforce: Most Important Aspects

  • What has been the total weekly income?
  • Which region had the highest income?
  • What has been the best-selling product?

Creating Reports in Salesforce

Report types

  • Standard Reports: Salesforce offers a great variety of these reports (activity, administrative, campaign reports). It will be very rare if you would not find one that matches what you need.
  • Custom Reports: These allow you to create your own templates from the custom objects or the custom views of standard objects and their relationships. In addition, you can also select the fields you want to show as you like.

Format Reports in Salesforce






Standard Dashboard in Salesforce

Some Limitations in Working with Salesforce Reports

  • Depending on the license, the limit for monthly customizable reports varies. For example, with Professional 50 and Enterprise 200.
  • Achieving great results when you have little experience working with data in Salesforce can be very labour-intensive and time-consuming.
  • Combining SFDC (SalesForce Dot Com) data with external data can be extremely complex, although not impossible if you have good advice.
  • Each user can only subscribe to follow up to 5 reports and 5 dashboards at most. However, more than this is needed on very few occasions.



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