All You Need to Know About Salesforce Experience Cloud

In April 2021, Salesforce decided to change its Community Cloud for a more modern service. The need to move over to the digital world has never been more imperative than in the current pandemic situation. Many companies have had to re-adapt their workflows, so Salesforce built an exciting alternative. This is how Salesforce Experience Cloud was born, a platform that promotes the creation of connected digital experiences to manage the entire customer journey in your company. If you still aren’t familiar with this service, this post will help clear up any doubts you may have.

What is Salesforce Experience Cloud?

Salesforce Experience Cloud is a platform integrated into Salesforce that allows you to build online communities and establish a point of contact with customers, partners or employees. In other words, with Experience Cloud your company can establish a personalized corporate virtual space according to the company style. It also offers the possibility of digitizing business processes in line with today’s contactless alternatives.

This has been achieved with the combination of features such as Experience Builder, Salesforce CMS, Mobile Publisher, and Salesforce suite of web applications. Through these, companies can easily create and deliver personalized content, websites, portals, mobile applications, and storefronts.

Features of Salesforce Experience Cloud

  • Integration of data from any source: whether it is data obtained by Salesforce or from third parties, with Experience Cloud you can integrate data from any source: such as leads, opportunities, cases, campaigns, orders, financial reports and custom objects.
  • Provide of personalized experiences: turn your business into a provider of personalized experiences in accordance with the expectations of each type of user. To do this, Salesforce Experience Cloud uses the data provided by the CRM to achieve optimal segmentation of target markets, audiences and users.
  • Personalized design for each type of device: optimize the digital experiences that your business provides with various fully functional templates for all types of mobile devices, with an easy and intuitive interface. In addition, it works on the foundation of responsive design.
  • Boost interaction with your users: manage personalized badges to reward the most active users in your community. Additionally, with Experience Cloud members can recommend others based on their skills and experiences.
  • Real-time tracking: Provides the ability to measure, process, and analyze data from your sites using customizable Lightning dashboards in Experience Workspace to keep optimizing brand experiences.
  • Optimize response management: you can group together the brand information available through all the pages and experiences generated. This enables you to collect and process conversations, files, groups, and experts in a single experience, providing greater organization of responses.
  • Analytics for decision-making: For customer plus community users and partner community users, reports and dashboards can be presented.

What kinds of experiences can you create?

With Salesforce Experience Cloud you can build various brand spaces adjusted to the corporate style and business flows of your company. For example, you can create:

  • Help center and customer service: provide a help point for your customers without the need for them to contact support. It establishes a knowledge base where you can find frequently asked questions and other help articles that allow users to find the answers on their own, in a self-service style. This platform can also serve as a community forum or portal where users share their opinions, comments, suggestions about your products, services and brand experiences; as well as an estimate of the public opinion about the business.
  • Account portal: a platform where your clients can manage and renew their accounts; as well as managing your cases and claims.
  • Partner portal: offer your partners a comprehensive solution for managing company channels and flows. On this site you can share new ideas, potential clients, contacts and strategies to boost sales, as well as optimize workflows in all areas.
  • Community for employees: a virtual space that facilitates the integration of all personnel or simplifies the processes associated with remote work. Through this portal, the areas can be grouped by teams according to the objectives, projects or events. In addition, access to records, information and data is optimized to achieve greater personal efficiency.
  • Do it Yourself Sites: Beyond predesigned solutions, you can create something new that perfectly matches your corporate style, business flows and business needs using the Experience Builder.

Benefits of Salesforce Experience Cloud

  • Extend your CRM data: With Experience Cloud you can present all the information in your Salesforce CRM to different users — customers, partners and employees — guaranteeing security and scalability. In addition, you can decide what type of information to present for each type of user in the community. This does not require users to have a Salesforce license, but a community license, which is cheaper.
  • Speed: there are many different predesigned templates from which you can choose or make your own.
  • Ease: the system is very intuitive which makes its administration much easier.
  • Multiple functionalities: allows the creation of fully customized websites and applications with your corporate style. You can also create platforms for online events, design solutions for online payment and optimize resources for marketing.
  • Flexibility: Salesforce has extensive experience working with many companies in various industries, for which it has learned to diversify its offerings and is prepared for any institutional demands and their evolving needs.
  • Inexpensive costs: it is cheaper than creating your own site or application. It reduces expenses for the support team since many of their functions would be transferred to Salesforce and the support team will be able to focus directly on customer service.
  • Integration: it is fully adapted to your Salesforce solution and simplifies integration with future functionalities necessary for your company.
  • Improve user experience: it provides your users — whether they are clients, partners or workers — a more fluid experience with the company. On the other hand, it ranks among the newest trends in customer relationship management by providing a connected digital experience.

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